Ariel M. Salmang

Managing Director Intouch Solutions
His wide experience includes advertising, PR, strategic development, sales and business development and branding for clients in Healthcare, FMCG and TM&T - both on the client and the agency side – across a wide range of enterprise and brand topics.

Since 2008, he has focused primarily on introducing digital sales- and brand-drivers as well as digital and mobile evolution strategies for numerous healthcare brands.

Before joining Intouch Solutions, he served as VP International Business Development at Across Health and Global Head of Advisory, the specialist division focusing on the development of brand- and enterprise level digital strategy and transformation, at Razorfish Healthware.

Ariel is a published author on the topic of digital channels in the healthcare space as well as an internationally recognised speaker on omnichannel excellence in healthcare. His passion for innovation and gadgets combines nicely with his other passion - facilitating interaction. As such you will often see him surrounded by smart and connected devices, while urging people to put down their machines and actually talk and listen to each other.

Born in South America and raised in Europe he currently lives in Germany, but spreads his time evenly between the major European healthcare hubs and can order coffee (without which he can not live) in a wide range of languages and accents.

In his free time he is a passionate, albeit bad, golfer, an experimental foodie and a serious bookworm.

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